I made this series at the fine art school during the subprime crisis, who started in the USA in 2007.

At the same moment and totally by accident I read in a row The Opposing Shore of Julien Gracq and The Tartar Steppe from Dino Buzzati. Each of these two novels tell with their own style the end of an old and tired civilisation, waiting for a barbarian invasion who would level everything for allowing a new start. They produced a strong effect on me as I was still very young.

It is with this anxiousness at my side that I covered the exhibition wall with war vehicles, patrolling in the emptiness and awaiting for a uncertain storm of steel, as Ernst Jünger would have name it.

It is interesting to see that now in 2019 the feeling of declinism spread widely in Europe.

Lets be clear, I do not agree at all with the theory of the Great Replacement and its stinking ideology.

The catastrophe I am afraid of is about the total collapse of our planet ecosystem.

The xylograph series With the Help of the Forests come naturally after this. Forest have always been a refuge for humans.

The pictures are often a puzzle of 2 or 4 Jésus format (56 x 76 cm).

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